Why Choose Dawn Hornsby Massage?

I am passionate about my practice and care deeply about my clients.  Many have seen me regularly since I began.

I became a registered massage therapist in 1997 and have practiced full time for 19  years. I have met and exceeded the minimum continuing education credits expected from the Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan to which I am registered.

I listen to my clients.  I understand that each client may want a different outcome from their massage treatment, so whether the client is looking for relaxation, easing of muscle tension, headache relief, increase in range of motion, as well as many other outcomes I want the client to feel they received the treatment they were expecting when they came in.

I am convenient.  I maintain a schedule of 8am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday and I also work Saturday mornings.  I have an online appointment scheduler that allows clients to book online at their convenience.  

Don't worry about having exact cash either, I accept Visa, Mastercard or Debit.

I have a heated massage table, you won't want to get up!

I hold 15 minutes of time in between each massage so that means you will receive a massage treatment for the full duration of the time you choose.  So many clinics schedule hourly massages "back to back" that the client only receives 45-50 minutes of actual massage time.  At my clinic if you book an hour massage you receive a full hour massage!