Office Policies:

1.) I book appointments with 15 minutes in between so that you may recieve a full 60 minutes of massage time. Because of this I can only book a set number of appointments each day, if you are not able to make your appointment time please call, text or email me to cancel as soon as possible so that someone else could have that opening.

2.) I will treat your appointment and any information you share with me as private.

3.) I understand that sometimes it feels good to talk and other times it is calming to relax and not talk. I will try not to initiate a conversation unless it is relavant to the outcome of your massage treatment.

4.) I will use enough pressure to create the change necessary to loosen the muscles but not so much so that you are "fighting against me". I will not take offence if the pressure is too intense and you need me to lessen it.

Common Questions:

How long is a massage treatment?

- Most clients book for a one hour treatment although some prefer 30 minutes and others would rather have a longer massage and book for 90 minutes. The online appointment book is designed to accomodate many different treatment durations so each client many choose one that suits them the best.

Do I have to bring anything for my first massage?

- There will be some contact information taken and an informed consent form to sign otherwise nothing more is needed from you.

What do I wear (or for that matter don't wear) during the massage?

- Clients can leave underwear on during the massage and they will be covered with a sheet during the entire massage so that nothing is exposed.

How can I be notified if cancellations become available?

- Let me know through email or call or text me at 306-441-2110 and I will make sure to include you on my cancellation list.